Dive into the Flavors of the Mediterranean with Jose Andres Cookbook


Chef, restaurateur and founder of worldwide significant Kitchen, José Andrés is preventing via the nowadays kitchen to share a few of his favourite recipes from his new cookbook, “Zaytinya: delicious Mediterranean Dishes from Greece, Turkey, and Lebanon.” He shows us a way to make saucy bird with orzo, tabbouleh with fresh herbs, creamy Turkish eggs, a colourful citrus salad with olives and seared scallops with tzatziki.

Bird Youvetsi

Youvetsi is consolation food made with the aid of yiayias, Greek grandmothers. The dish, which takes its call from a clay cooking vessel, is a first-rate easy one-pot dish (clay or not!) that’s perfect for a busy weeknight. You may have had orzo earlier than, the small pasta of Italy, however maybe you haven’t heard of kritharaki, the Greek model. It’s got a similar shape (kritharaki means “little barley”) and flavor, but the durum wheat of Greece gives it a nice more bite — nevertheless, you could make it with Italian orzo if that’s what you can locate. The dish has a subtle spice to it from the allspice, cinnamon and Aleppo pepper — you don’t want them to stumble upon too strongly; they have to all combination into the background.


In Beirut, it’s not sudden to find tabbouleh on every menu. It’s far the conventional mezze of Lebanon. On a current journey, my team noticed that everywhere we ate, the tabbouleh served at the desk seemed specific than the vicinity earlier than. Dany Abi-Najm, who changed into travelling with us, defined that tabbouleh can range from metropolis to town and from house to residence. You’ll find varieties loaded with bulgur or cucumbers, or some without a tomatoes or mint.

I must consider Clifford A. Wright, the superb Mediterranean cookbook author, who describes a right tabbouleh as “a Lebanese herb salad with bulgur, not a bulgur salad with herbs.” Freshly chopped parsley and mint, a bright squeeze of lemon, a generous dose of olive oil and just sufficient bulgur and tomato to maintain it collectively is an ideal aggregate.

Turkish Eggs with Yogurt and Chili Crisp (Çılbır)

Çilbir, stated “jill-bur,” is an vintage Ottoman dish, dating back at the least 600 years. If you ask for it in Turkey, it’ll be poached eggs with yogurt and a pepper-infused butter, but we (of direction) needed to make our own version. I love fried eggs instead of poached, and rather than the pepper butter, we created a Tu

Rkish take on the exquisite chinese language condiment chili crisp. We make an oil out of Aleppo chilies and add crispy onions, garlic and spices. Make certain to make an entire recipe (or even double it) due to the fact you’ll want to place it on the entirety — eggs, fish, greens, meat — or devour it directly out of the bowl!

Citrus and Olive Salad (Portakal Salatsi)

The mixture of citrus, onions and olives is loved everywhere in the Mediterranean. This take on the conventional Turkish orange-and-onion salad has been a fave wintry weather providing when you consider that our earliest days. We add highly spiced pink watercress here, however any peppery veggies, which includes toddler arugula, paintings properly. If you have leftover dressing, maintain it refrigerated for up to per week.

Seared Scallops with Tzatziki

The creamy yogurt in tzatziki brings out the herbal sweetness in scallops. Within the fall, we adore to pair them with an apple cacik, a Turkish cousin to tzatziki. Even fava Santorini makes for a delicious combination. Season the scallops with our Sumac-Rose Spice and you’ll discover an unexpected aroma and tartness. Whilst looking for scallops, look for 10/20 size (10 to 20 make up a pound) and make certain they’re dry-packed, meaning they haven’t been artificially plumped up with water and components. Whilst cooking them, get a terrific hard sear and don’t prepare dinner them beyond that — you need to make sure they don’t get chewy.

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